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Roof leaks make life miserable for lot of people in the world. The soaring temperatures on the roof provide constant expansion and contraction on the roof. As you know, different materials expand and contract differently. In other words, the different materials have different coefficient of expansion and contraction. For example, aluminum expands and contracts differently than concrete. The aluminum have very high coefficient of expansion i.e.:- 40% higher than steel.

Moreover, the penetrations and cut outs on the roof is the major cause of leakages in the building. More often people use PU foam and liquid rubbers to plug the gaps in pipe and cable penetrations which do not work. PU foams molecular structure absorbs moisture and dithers with UV rays. As you know the extreme temperatures in the summer in UAE causes the PU foam to become hard which eventually breaks down in 06 months of operation. Moreover, the molecular structure of PU foam absorbs moisture and water which increase the overall weight and causes serious threat to the building strength.

This absorb water eventually make its way out and leads to the leakage in the building. Overall, the expansion of contraction of roof sheet is 100mm in 100LM span. The PU and other material will get break in such and expansion and thus the best way to avoid water leakage is to treat longitudinal joints and cut-outs with EPDM membrane which has a useful life of more than 20 years. The EPDM membrane is a good elastomeric material and thus helps in catering the expansion and contraction during day and night time in hot summer.

Roof leak repair is done using several methods such as membrane application, liquid rubber application and PU foam spray. The substrate material decides the correct application of individual roof. And experienced roofer will know how to treat and what material to be applied for a reliable solution with effective cost. PEB International technical services LLC provides all those characteristics. i.e.:- robust materials and correct application.

Any type of matching profile can be provided according to cutomer requirement and needs.

The roof can be secured using new single skin 0.5mm or 0.7mm GI Pre painted sheet cladding with C channel 50mm deep on existing sandwich panel - including fastening accessories and necessary metal flashings.