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Flat Roof Waterproofing Solution

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Highest Quality Material can sustain upto 160 Degree Celcius Temperature (5 Years Warranty Protection and Extendable to 10 Years with an AMC at a very economical cost)

Flat Roof Waterproofing Solution

PEB International provides various solutions and services for roofing services. PEB International provides the roofing services consisting of supply and installation of new roof structures, sheets, screws, flashings, gutters, skylights, walk ways, safety life line and skylight protection.

PEB International having more than 30 years of experience provides the robust solutions to its customer’s satisfaction no matter for the installation of new roof and\or maintenance\repairing of roof.

The roofing services provided by PEB International are consists of following but not limited to the supply and installation of roofing sheets (single skin\sandwich panels) as well as waterproofing of same; supply and installation of rafters and beams as per the structural drawings; supply and installation of skylights (single skin and double side panel) with the help of screws and rivets; supply and installation of roof hatches including GRP soaker panels, exhaust fans and ducts; supply and installation of wind ventilators; and walkways.

PEB International always strives to find the better solutions for the customers and tries to save customers time and money.

PEB International always provides the right solution to the customers according to the problem, which makes the PEB International different from the competitors in the market.

Every problem has a specific and different solution especially in the roofing services. The Roofing services not limited to the metal roofs but concrete\flat\RCC slab roofs, which are also covered by PEB international especially in terms of repairing and new waterproofing systems.

The biggest failure in the concrete roofs is the cracks in the top concrete layer and as well as the drains in the roof. There are not enough drains in the roof may cause water leakages from the roof at the time of rains and fog\moisture. PEB International provides various solutions of waterproofing and roofing services to the clients for concrete roofs including addition of downspouts and insulation solutions.

Villa's / Malls / Commercial Establishments Waterproofing Solutions

The concrete roof has multiple problems pertaining to cracks / open joints / damaged expansion joints / all kinds of pedstals / AC Ducting / Downspouts and Drain Pipes. The EPDM is UV resistant and therefore it is suitable to be applied directly over the existing surface.

Additionally, we have a special EPDM in white color which further reduces the temperature by 7-8 Degree Celicus.