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The repair and maintenance of metal roofs has never been easier or more effective. Using on roof seams, fasteners, and other roof joints water tight sealing can be accomplished effectively and economically. Simply apply in a heavy bead over end laps and vertical seams, or in a dollop over defective fasteners is a brush-grade mastic with unique physical properties. Unlike most asphaltic or acrylic coatings, will not crack or become brittle over numerous freeze/ thaw cycles. This unique material actually stretches and recovers to bridge roof joints in which thermal movement can be expected. With 1500 PSI Tensile Strength and 600% Elongation capabilities, can singlehandedly tackle most metal repairs is typically stocked and purchased as white in color. Clear is also stocked for skylight panel restoration. White is U.V. Stable but clear PEB Water Proofing is only moderately U.V. Stable. AIR VENTILATOR Works on centrifugal force created by continous running of vanes. Minimum wind pressure rotates the ventilator on self lubricated Teflon cap. Hot and polluted air escapes, creating pressure drop beneath. Immediately fresh and cool air enters to fill the pressure drop. The fly wheel effect on the ventilator makes it run continuously and fresh air flow is maintained. It prevents entry of water and dust particles. Fresh air makes people more alive and active. Air Ventilator is manufactured with high technology and quality to reduce weight and to increase durability.

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