Water proofing is an essential part of construction now a days especially since the introduction of steel structures. They have gaps and patches which may leak during rains etc. We offer a water proofing solution with 99% success rate especially in the Middle East since it is made according to the environment of the area. For metal structures we use rubberized coatings which are directly imported from the US to withstand the weather of the Middle East. The application of water proofing solution is as important as the solution itself and we have made it as easy as possibly, you can literally do it yourself. Unlike most solutions out there, it will not crack from the thermal movements. It is flexible enough to bridge the gaps as they wary from summers to winters. It also tends to lower the temperature on the inside of the building. This solution can lower the temperature inside by about 10-15 degrees. Coatings like these that we offer have the advantage of quick application, low cost and excellent elongation. This solution is extremely user friendly and environment friendly. Something that doesn’t disappoint.


Got a leaking roof? You’ve come to the right place. We have every type of roof leaking solution for you in the best quality and affordable rates. We have very high success rates in this field and have hired experts for its proper application as we take these matters very seriously. We import the best quality roof leaking solution from the US which are perfect for your homes, warehouses, factories, malls etc. They tend to lower the temperature by sealing the gaps in the metal or steel or even brick structures. The best part about the liquid solution is that it is easily applied and fills in all the gaps and is cheaper. Although we do use rubberized solutions for some structures where they are required. These solutions are flexible enough that they shrink and expand themselves during the weather changes from summers to winters and vice versa. They do not crack due to thermal movements. They are very reliable and have made our customers very happy. The universal waterproofing applications range from the preventing and remedying of rising, falling and penetrating dampness to the waterproofing of the structure; floors, showers, basements, wine cellars, underground parking, ponds, swimming pools, reservoirs and water features.


The construction world is advancing every second and metal structures are the new hit in this field. Metal structures with all their advantages of low cost and easy installation in no time etc also have some disadvantages. Metal structures cannot be used as is. It’ll be like sleeping under a net. Metal roofs and containers etc have gaps and ridges that need to be filled in order to use it as a structure. For that purpose we provide liquid and rubberized water proofing material which is very user friendly and can be applied very easily. We take application of our products very seriously as it effects the results. You can easily read from the manual and even waterproof your desired structure yourself. These coatings are properly sealed resulting in the temperature lowering on the inside of the structure which is very useful in countries like the UAE. It can lower the temperature up to 10-15 degrees. It is very affordable and environment plus user friendly. We get positive feedbacks every time! We even import some best quality solutions from the US to ensure best results. They are very flexible and suitable for every environment, even places with rapid weather changes as they do not break due to thermal movements.

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